Product description

Wall lamp made from aluminium, with direct light (1L), indirect light (1L) or both (2L). Available in two finishes: satin aluminium or textured white.

13 x 7,5 cm

1L: LED PAR16 5W (Gu10)
QPAR16 max. 50W (Gu10)
2L: LED PAR16 2 x 5W (Gu10)
QPAR16 2 x max. 50W (Gu10)

Product family


Blok is a collection of lamps that comes in a variety of different formats for both indoor and outdoor use. They are highly architectural in nature thanks to the quality of the manufacturing process. Starting with machined aluminium, perfect 90º angles are achieved, which create highly attractive straight lines.
This lamp, designed by David Abad, is now also available in a bronze finish with an LED bulb. It is also available as a projector.