Product description

87,5 x 224 mm

Halog. 35W (GY 6,35)
LED 3W 700 mA 230V
Plaster: 120 x 340 mm
Concrete: 150 x 420 mm


Collection of technical lamps that are recessed into the wall or the ceiling and which offer a range of different lighting solutions. Blink SD is a wash light that bathes the surrounding area with indirect light, illuminating floors, walls and ceilings. It comes with a black or white metallic frame and has a matt aluminium reflector that acts as a wash light and avoids glare. Blink SD comes in three sizes and can be fitted with halogen, fluorescent or LED bulbs.
Blink DW are recessed ceiling spotlights that provide general direct lighting. Made entirely of metal, Blink DW is available in two finishes: a white frame with a black reflector, and a black frame with a white reflector. It comes in three sizes and can be fitted with halogen or LED bulbs.
Blink SD and Blink DW are easy to fit and come with plaster kit accessories and a concrete box. Please contact us should you require any other kind of finish.