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Product description

Butterfly gets its name from the “butterfly” shape created by the outer corner that joinsthe armrest and the backrest. it is a modular seating system that responds effectively tothe needs of modularity and comfort, suitable for free and informal usage. its modularstructure is shaped around an ottoman, which is the base piece, and which, whenintegrated with the backrest and/or the armrest, becomes a central or terminal element,either left or right. the combination of these elements, using a simple joint system, makesit possible to freely set up versatile configurations, from in-line sofas to cornersolutions, from front-facing to lounge layouts. this first textile sofa in b&b italiaoutdoor collection is characterised by soft and sinuous shapes. completely upholstered,it leverages the company’s production technology, with materials and solutions designedfor outdoor use, in order to take outdoors the quality and comfort that has alwayscharacterized indoor seating. the system includes a family of complements, small tablesand consoles, seamlessly integrated with the seats, making it possible to design manycompositions suitable for different space customization requirements. the strongmaterial component of butterfly’s cover and the softness of its shapes are an invitationto comfort, which, together with the modularity of the system, make it ideal fortransversal projects, from hotels to marine applications.

internal frame:
tubular steel and steel profiles
internal frame upholstery:
bayfit® (bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam, cover in water repellent
polyester fibre
feet and fixing elements:
thermoplastic material
fabric (limited categories)

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