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Tak.To Black Luxury 31,6x59
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31.6 x 59 cm
12 3/4" x 23 1/4" inch

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The Tak·To series presents a combination of metal effects and reliefs. Tak·To aims to add a tactile sensation to the visual component that tile designs have always had, whereby the metal effect is enhanced with a caress-inducing texture. This is a wall tile series coming in neutral colours (white, black and gold) for the most elegant and refined environments. People, on the other hand, who prefer a more select style, can make combinations with the decorated field tiles, Black Luxury and Pop6. Black Luxury's patterns are built up from gilt floral motifs on black backgrounds, seeking a contrast between the stark force of the black and the sheer romanticism of the classical arabesques. Conversely, the Pop 6 field tiles hark back to the sixties and are conceived for those who desire a fresh, juvenile touch, eschewing the rigour of the more sober and temperate colours.

The Tak·To series, for example can be combined with different floor tile series of AZUVI's product range, such as the equally groundbreaking Art·Tile series.