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Patri L / Patri H

To be illuminated…
The wall and ceiling illuminator Patri performs lighting miracles as built-in-box or as surface mounting light. One to four QR111 or AR 111 spots mounted on telescopic holders can be integrated in the space-saving box. Each spot of the Patri can be directed in a different direction and can be adjusted separately in height. This special feature enables Patri to accentuate differently several areas of a room.
Patri can be equipped with QR 111 35W up to 60W 12V Halogen ( Patri H ) or with AR 111 10W or 15W LED ( Patri L ). Versions with metal-halides are also feasible. The lamps are available with narrow and wide beam angle.
The light source can be changed anytime from halogen to LED or backwards by changing the illuminant.
Lamp type: QR111 35W - 60 W;
LED AR111 10W, 15W
Lamp base: G53
Material: Powder coated aluminum
Dimensions:  L 150  W 150  H 123 ,  
Patent pending