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AXOR Bouroullec built-in tub
AXOR Bouroullec
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Product description

built-in version
made from Acrylic
includes bearing frame
cubic capacity approx. 192 l (1 Person 70kg)
water depth approx. 380mm
maximum distance from the wall: 10 cm
TÜV approved
weight including packaging 123 kg
packing size 2060 x 1030 x 980 mm

recommended waste set:
Flexaplus basic set no.58141180
Flexaplus finish set no.58186xx0

Exafill S basic set no.58116180
Exafill S finish set no.58117xx0


"Axor Bouroullec is a collection that gives freedom to your individual ideas of composition. More than 70 products for the bathroom – from the mixer to the accessories, from the washbasin to the bathtub – give you the freedom to compose a solution that you feel is the right one just for you.

The individual elements of the mixers can easily be placed at diverse places all around (or even over) the washbasin. Just as you like it and just as it plays to your individual needs. The placement areas that are integrated in the wash basin give you different opportunities to do so. And they even give you enough space to place your private utensils.

French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec let you decide how you want to use your products. “Feel Free to Compose” therefore is not only the motto of Axor Bouroullec – it is an invitation for you to design your most personal bathroom of all time. "