Product description

New built-in LED light source.

Product family


Geometric compositions, free and artistic interpretations of contemporary design.

Framework is a square or rectangular frame, created in white painted aluminium. The different sizes and heights enable the structures to be overlapped as desired, to obtain numerous arrangements that recall the works of abstract artists from the 1900s. This is the great quality of Framework: simple, lean, geometric lines, which create dramatic effects in the arrangements that can be made with great creative freedom and, why not, artistic flair. This is how the lamp, with its shapes and light, becomes an instrument with two functions: to light and to decorate.

The light that is softly distributed along the side of the profile is never direct and, thanks to the reflection from the walls or ceiling, gives the environment a softened light. The fluorescent light is positioned on two of the four sides (in the rectangular version the light is along the longest two sides).

In line with the products of the Lightecture range, Framework is a wide and versatile collection, which can be perfectly adapted to the design specifications of architects and interior designers, in both public and private settings. The collection is made up of ceiling/wall and hanging lamps, both available in three sizes (small 127 cm x 65 cm, medium 127 cm x 127 cm and large 186 cm x 90 cm). The ceiling/wall lamps are available in three different heights: 13 cm, 22 cm or 31 cm.

Materials: Frame in white painted aluminium – diffuser in transparent polycarbonate
Size: small 127 cm x 65 cm medium 127 cm x 127 cm large 186 cm x 90 cm Height ceiling/wall lamp: 13 cm, 22 cm or 31 cm Hanging lamp: maximum height 300 cm.
Light bulb: Fluorescent Ceiling/wall lamp and small and medium hanging lamp 2 x 54W – Ceiling/wall lamp and large hanging lamp 4 x 39W.