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Classic Piano
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Simply Elegant - shinny black lacquered AUX Sound instruments. Equally perfect on your Grand Piano or crystal desktop. This finish makes the Classic disappear with its surroundings reflected in its surfaces. Flat black hexagonal punched steel grill with black HiFi sponge protect its speaker drivers.


The Classic's 3 pieces can be placed all together to form a monoblock or spread out to sculpt your sound. Carrying Cases keep the pieces together, provide a handle for transport, let the heat sinks breath and have a cable flap and pouch. Boom Box Supreme. Lug, Plug and Play.
400watt self powered stereo, ideal for all iThings, Airplay and TV. Features fatigue free 100 watt 4" broadband drivers left and right and a 200 watt subwoofer. Compact but extremely powerful. Full 3D sound.

The whole is often larger than the sum - in the case of the AUX Classic the sum is quite something:
- Flexible installation

- Easily transportable

- Live dynamics with no distortion

- RCA and mini inputs in mix

- AUX Remote for volume, sub level, and "shh" (-50db)

- High bandwidth satellite speakers cover 150hz to over 18khz
- 5" dual coil long throw subwoofer covers the rest

- AUX Out 400 2.1 electronics: 200w sub woofer, 2x100w left/right, incredibly low distortion

- Switching power supply is ultra efficient for battery based installations, almost no load in standby

- Compact solid wood bass reflex design

Point source left and right drivers recreate live 3d stereo image with a huge sweet spot - a true breakthrough - outperforming most hifi systems that cost much more, yet occupying a tiny amount of space (when placed together they measure 42cm wide 20cm tall and 28cm deep).
AUX listeners consistently comment on the total lack of listening fatigue even when they leave them on all day long - another breakthrough in point source stereo. We encourage you to leave them on all day, it will improve your life.
The Classic's solid sats are wooden bass relex speakers, with a unique shape allowing for several different inclinations.
The Classic's subwoofer geometry is an engineering masterpiece - facilitating countless installation options and yet still permitting a compact all-together form. It also holds the electronics and their cooling surfaces.
And it's wicked tough.