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MONO hanging container
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Bathroom accessories-Sponge baskets >
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Dimensions: W 20,5 x H 23,7 x D 7,5 cm

This hanging container can be hung up anywhere where its plastic hook can be secured, just like a clothes hanger. Due to the slits in the bottom, it isnot only ideal for use in the kitchen or wardrobe, but also for wet areas such as showers or baths. And the hook can be inserted into the bottom slit of another MONO for hanging. Thus, several MONO containers can be combined into a hanging storage system. Easy to clean. For cleaning and beauty/ grooming products, foodstuffs and many more items.

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The idea of everyday products that meet high standards of design and quality but are reason- ably priced, has always been the fundamental principle behind the Authentics brand; plastic is the material that makes realisation of this possible. The latest edition of the BASICS products makes the award-winning Authentics icons available once again. Pristine white, translucent polypropylene in archetypal shapes: quintessential, functional, long-lasting.