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Openbox black leather
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The Openbox is our popular Bookbox but without the lit. The Openbox was made in collaboration with The Audo, a recently opened hotel in Copenhagen. The box was designed for the guestrooms, to offer a personal space for the guests inside the hotel room, but without the risk of the guest forgetting their items upon departure, which is why we removed the lit. The box became very popular and it is now a part of our standard assortment.
Dimensions: 26/20.5/6.5 cm (A5 in internal measures)
Material: 100% aniline leather Colour: Black
Production location: Handmade in Portugal
Logo placement: Discretely blind debossed in the bottom of the box
Personalisation: It is not possible to personalise this box
The Openbox is crafted in the most exquisite aniline leather and it is always the same colour on the exterior and the interior.
At a hotel, which is the origin of this box, The Openbox is helpful in the guestrooms for the guest’s personal belongings e.g., hotel key, passport, cards, receipts, coins, watch, etc. It can also be used in the spa for jewelleries and watches during spa treatments, or in the spa lockers for general personal and valuable belongings.
At home the medium box is perfect for medium piles of clutter. Examples of use are in your hallway for emptying your pockets when you get home for your phone, cards, coins, keys, receipts, on your bedside table for a book, a notebook, a pen, reading glasses, eye-mask, ear-plugs or in your living room for the remote control
In the office the medium box is an ideal small storage solution in small meeting rooms, for notebooks and pens and in the reception for confectionery or brochures and cards. The medium box is also used by many as a small personal space on the desk for pens, clips, notes, etc.
We can make bespoke colours for orders above 50 units.