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Prism Gradient 120x278
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The Prism collection selects the effect of hand brushed resin characterised by a soft, elegant and sinuous effect. In the same way as sunlight disperses into the colours of the rainbow upon passing through a prism, so Prism by Atlas Concorde interprets the resin effect in a range of 13 tonalities.

The original palette has been specially selected by the firm Lissoni Associati, guided by the exceptional colour consultant Piero Lissoni, who describes the development of this project: “We mulled over the effect of light through a prism. These are the colours we imagined as being the result of a prismatic light as it turns into a rainbow. We then focused on trying to recreate this light refraction on surfaces and tweaked this breakdown to generate domestic colours or colours of architecture.”

The graphic project draws inspiration from hand brushed resin: the soft textures, sinuous lines and the originality of the sign allude to traces of hand finished processes. The characteristic signs of brushing were specially studied and adapted for each size option, guaranteeing a harmonious and elegant effect. The decisive identity of Prism designs interiors characterised by the presence of colour that interacts with architectonic space, personalising them with an original look, details inspired by shapes of the past, palette colour combinations or more daring colour contrasts.