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Marvel Gems terrazzo grey mosaico
Marvel Gems
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MARVEL GEMS_Floor Design

Technology: Coloured body porcelain tiles – Rectified monocaliber
Sizes (cm): 75x150 (29 1/2”x59”), 75x75 (29 1/2”x29 1/2”), 60x60 (23 5/8”x23 5/8”), 45x90 (17 3/4”x35 3/8”), 30x60 (11 3/4”x23 5/8”)
Surface finish: Honed
Colours: Terrazzo White, Terrazzo Grey, Terrazzo Pearl, Terrazzo Black, Terrazzo Cream, Palladiana Carrara, Terrazzo Mix Warm, Terrazzo Mix Cold


Technology: White-body wall tiles – Rectified monocaliber
Sizes (cm): 50x110, (19 5/8''x43 1/4'') 40x80 (15 3/4” x 31 1/2”)
Surface finish: Shiny
Colours: Terrazzo White, Terrazzo Grey, Terrazzo Cream, Terrazzo Pearl, Terrazzo Blue, Terrazzo Palladiana Carrara

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Marvel Gems is a project of coordinated floor and wall tiles where Venetian Terrazzo is interpreted in a modern key, in line with Italian imagination and tradition. The collection includes ceramic tiles that combine the look of crushed marble with the superb quality of white body and ceramic tiles.
The beauty of the material that inspired this tile, featuring shards and fragments replicating marble, magnifies the impression of Atlas Concorde’s Marvel project, for living and commercial spaces rich in appeal. The theme of Venetian Terrazzo is interpreted in a current key for spaces where the marble-effect fragments emerge like gems strewn on a brilliant continuous surface.

The porcelain surfaces of Marvel Gems reflect the wide range of colors and sizes of the original Venetian floors. They are available in five colors, cool Grey and warm Pearl, bright ivory Cream, pearly White, and intense Black, and in numerous sizes up to 75x150 cm. The variations in color within Atlas Concorde’s Marvel project include various sub-base tonalities and marble-effect fragments, creating elegant combinations.

The porcelain stoneware is available in matt finish, smooth and soft to the touch, in 60x60 and 45x90 sizes, designed for spaces with a contemporary character and interiors of refined design. The matt porcelain stoneware lends itself to many applications and is suitable for medium-traffic commercial environments.

The porcelain tiles are highly polished for a mirrored effect, with a full-surface honed finish, to give the glossy look of the traditional material. Hard, compact and scratch-resistant, the surface maintains its beauty over the years, without the need to spend time or money on maintenance. The honed finish is available in numerous formats, from 30x60 to 75x150 cm.

The collection includes Palladian honed porcelain tiles, featuring gray granules with shards replicating white Carrara marble, an up-to-date take on exquisite Italian tradition. A dense scattering of small, uniform fragments is the inspiration for the honed porcelain surfaces of Mix Cold and Mix Warm in modern retro style.

The white body tiles of Marvel Gems bring the elegance of Venetian Terrazzo to wall tiles, transferring the beauty to an enamel surface, brilliant and mirror-like.
The color range, coordinated with the porcelain floor tiles, includes two grays, warm Pearl and cool Grey, a bright Cream, and pearly White. To these colors, coordinated with the Marvel project, is added an elegant blue, for hints of color that add a fresh, modern touch to the theme. Ceramic tiles are also offered with a surface that recalls the Palladian look with Carrara marble flakes emerging from a bed of fine, gray marble granules.
Luminous walls with a mirrored effect combine the precious feel of marble with the benefits of ceramics: easy to lay, maintain, and clean.

Formats (cm): 75x150 (Honed), 75x75 (Honed), 60x60 (Honed and Matt), 45x90 (Honed and Matt), 30x60 (Matt)
Surfaces: Honed – Matt