Product description

45x90 / 17 3/4"x35 5/8" - 10 mm
60x60 / 23 5/8"x23 5/8" - 10 mm
75x75 / 29 1/2"x29 1/2" - 10 mm
74x74 / 29 1/8"x29 1/8" - 10 mm
59x59 / 23 1/4"x23 1/4" - 10 mm
44x88 / 17 3/8"x34 5/8" - 10 mm
30x60 / 11 3/4"x23 5/8" - 10 mm
29,5x59 / 11 5/8"x23 1/4" - 10 mm

Product variants




The privilege of an eternal luxury

Inspired by the most prestigious, precious and traditional Italian marble, Marvel is a ceramic project with the highest possible aesthetic and technical impact, featuring porcelain stoneware floors and co-ordinated white-body wall cladding. The technological quality of the production process combines the elegance of marble with the advantages of ceramics and effectively meets contemporary design needs in all fields of application.

MARVEL Floor Design _ Coloured in body porcelain stoneware
Natural colours and veining, deep shades and transparent cloud effects: the Marvel coloured in body porcelain stoneware recreates the surfaces of the most sought-after marble with surprising realism. The intensity of each colour faithfully interprets natural marble with the added advantages of ceramic tiles: perfect reproducibility of the same surface over time and excellent technical performance in terms of resistance to wear, stains and detergents. The honed finish features a surprisingly brilliant and reflective surface. The extensive range of formats highlights the application potential of Marvel in all architectural contexts; the extensive selection of patterns allows creative designs to be realised in highly prestigious settings. Marvel is also available in the matt finish, ideal for projects with enhanced technical performance requirements.

MARVEL _ Floor Design
Technology: Coloured in body porcelain stoneware – Rectified monocaliber

Sizes (cm):
75x75 Matt / 74x74 Honed
45x90 Matt / 44x88 Honed
60x60 Matt / 59x59 Honed
30x60 Matt / 29,5x59 Honed

Surface finish: Matt - Honed

Colours: Calacatta Extra - Moon Onyx - Champagne Onyx - Beige Mystery - Bronze Luxury