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Intensity Honey Mosaic Square
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Product description

30.5x30.5 - 12"x12"


Light up the passion of colour

Intensity lights up the passion of colour to reach a new dimension in wall tiles. Large sized slabs in ultra pure, intense, deep colours are enhanced by the transparency of a highly polished, reflective surface.
Intensity enhances colours, releasing their energy and evocative power. By breaking free of the conventional concept of solid hues, colour discovers new dynamism with colour rich nuances, emphasised by the 30.5x91.5 cm size. Eight intense colours reveal the two sides of the collection’s spirit, expanding design possibilities and enabling the creation of exclusive, personalised and original spaces capable of eliciting new and exciting emotions. The range consists of four vivid, synthetic colours, inspired by cutting-edge design, along with another four soft and delicate tones with a subtler, more sophisticated feel.
The large 30.5x91.5 size, with rectified ceramic modules, makes Intensity the perfect material for stylish interior design projects and ideal for architects and interior designers looking for high impact, visually impressive surfaces. Intensity may be used throughout the entire home, not just in the bathroom, and is perfect to create commercial spaces with a distinctive personality.
Intensity offers a wide range of decorative options enriching a space, defining its style and atmosphere. An interior space can thus assume a variety of styles and interpret different design trends, from chic to minimal or trendy and from romantic to high-tech.

Technology: Whitebody wall tiles – Rectified monocaliber
Size: 30,5x91,5 / 12”x36”
Colours: Aurora, Honey, Cocoa, Sky, Sea, Lime, Sunset, Love
Surface: Shiny