Product description

60x120 - 23 5/8”x47 1/4” 10 mm
60x60 - 23 5/8”x23 5/8” 10 mm
40x60 - 15 3/4”x23 5/8” 10 mm
30x60 - 11 3/4”x23 5/8” 10 mm
20x60 - 7 7/8”x23 5/8” 10 mm




From the hearth of the stone

The eternal charm of natural stone in a technical ceramic surface with essential graphic features and natural hues. Variously sized micro-flakes reproduce the layering typical of natural stone, while the slight directional shading makes each piece unique and original. Three different surface finishes, honed, matt and textured, offer the opportunity to clad indoor and outdoor areas with the elegant continuous effect of a single design material, offering a pleasant sense of overall balance. The size range from 20x60 to 60x120 allows any space to be enhanced by offering the utmost design freedom and the creation of refined modular solutions.

Technology: Technical porcelain stoneware– Rectified monocaliber

Sizes (cm): 60x120 Matt, Honed; 60x60 Matt, Textured, Honed; 40x60 Matt, Textured; 30x60 Matt, Textured; 20x60 Matt, Textured

Surface finish: Matt (R10 A) - Textured (R11 A+B+C) - Honed

Colours: Moon - Light – Rock – Earth – Dark – Artic