Product description

Pendant installation with wire/cable. Adjustable lenght- and height ways. Nature anodized, lacquered in silvergrey or white.

Up/Down 28/54W FDH (T5) G5
Up/Down 35/49/80W FDH (T5) G5
Up/Down 2x2x28/54W FDH (T5) G5
Up/Down 2x2x35/49/80W FDH (T5) G5
L=2600/2616/3200/3216 (double length)


The Time family offers luminaires for all kind of environments. The main models are lighting systems with separate up- and downlight. Time is as standard equipped with multi-ballast which makes it possible to vary lighting according to the use of the room. Body in aluminium. Choose between five different glare shields.