Key facts

Product description

ASB LumiFlex is a full video floor.
The entire floorspace is a multi-functional monitor.
The floor was designed to transform any space into a unique visual experience.
Its patented glass surface is one of the most innovative flooring surfaces ever made and can be used for a variety of solutions ranging from sports to concerts, retail to trade shows.

Versatile and adaptable

The ASB LumiFlex acts as a plug-and-play screen.
Configurable in different shapes and sizes and controlled via HDMI, the ASB LumiFlex floor is available as a 6.2 mm pixel pitch or a 8.9 mm pixel pitch.
Along with the ASB MultiSports floor, the ASB LumiFlex meets the performance criteria for professional sports events.
The floor can be installed permanently and is available as a portable solution engineered for fast installation and removal.
In addition to this, ASB LumiFlex can be supplied as an elastic or as a rigid system.

Anything is possible

The ASB LumiFlex floor offers an entirely new and revolutionary use of any available floorspace.
We have used the full video floor for exhibitions, retail, high-end sporting events, personal training applications, marketing stunts and permanent installations in highly-frequented areas.

Especially the application of the ASB LumiFlex floor in atriums of shopping malls or hotels and its use at high-ranking sporting- or other events such as concerts or new product presentations, offers a new, high-value advertising space and a futuristic experience.
Contact ASB for further information about the possibility of the latest tracking systems in combination with the ASB LumiFlex floor.
Interactive training, advertising and game solutions – ASB can make your vision of an interactive system become reality.

Product family


ASB Architectural

Based on our power of innovation and our vision of delivering a complete installation fit for highly-specialised applications, clients contact us for specialised projects.
Due to the nature of our products and projects, we have an incredibly capable team to realise complete and challenging projects out of the norm.
Here are some examples of our extraordinary services.

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Brand story

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


The revolutionary LumiFlex floor from the German manufacturer ASB GLASSFLOOR transforms floor and wall surfaces of any size into heavy-duty, multifunctional monitors, and with them opens up new aesthetic and communicative avenues.