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DynamicX2 BarConnect
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Product description

DynamicX2 monitor is combined with BarConnect, a motorised, retractable connection system. This combination offers the best possible quality Full HD screen and personalised connectors options like HDMI, power USB, RJ45 USB and power outlets.
The ergonomic angle of the bar enhances confort and usability. A safety mechanism stops the system in case of obstruction. The design is simple, with just 4 operation buttons. It is intuitive and easy to install. It offers cable management, improved table space and a neater environment.
DynamicX2 are elegant monitors built from a solid aluminium block and have a vertical motorised movement with automatic 20° inclination to ensure the best ergonomics, viewing angle and visibility. This automatic tilting system provides a fast and silent response. It is a reliable, maintenance-free solution. DynamicX2 have slightly curved edges for a contemporary and longstanding look.
The anodised aluminium housing can be customised in different colours and finishes. The standard top-table cover plate is made of brushed stainless steel. It can optionally be supplied with a matt finish or it can disappear when the product is prepared for underneath installation.
DynamicX2 monitors are remotely controllable and diagnosable through the ERT interfaces in an easy and cost effective way.

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Dynamic2 are retractable monitors with a vertical movement and a 20° automatic tilt to ensure the best ergonomics, visibility and viewing angle.