Product description

Tolomeo LED / Tolomeo Mini LED:
Using Led technology, the attention must be focused not only on energy consumption and light efficiency, but above all on the quality and quantity of the distribution of the light. In fact the advantage of the Led is that it ewiths 100% light flow into the direct hemisphere, eliminating dispersion and waste in other directions.This means that in order to obtain illuminance of 1250 lux on the work surface, with an incandescent light source a power of 100W is necessary, while with a Led source 10W is sufficient, with a 90% energy saving.

Light source:
Tolomeo Led LED 10W, included,
Tolomeo Mini Led LED 10W, included

Colour: Tolomeo LED: metal grey, black, Tolomeo Mini LED: metal grey

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Brand story

Alyn Griffiths


For 30 years now, Italian premium lighting manufacturer ARTEMIDE has been illuminating the landscape of contemporary design with the elegant and versatile Tolomeo lamp.