Product description

Material: Painted steel base with “soft touch” effect; stem covered by a natural platinic silicone sheath (antiyellowing); diffuser in transparent polycarbonate with rubber effect coating; transparent lens; internal reflector made of specular aluminium with random perforations.
Awards: 2006 – Reddot Award Product Design
“Best of the best”
Essen (Deutschland)
2008 – Designpreis der Bundesrepublik
Frankfurt (Deutschland)2004 – Compasso d‘Oro / A.D.I.
Milano (Italia)
Intel Design 2003
Categoria Design “Augusto Morello”
Selezione alla III edizione 2003
Milano (Italia)
2004 – Design Plus, light + building
Frankfurt am Main
Colours: Transparent Satin
Power: FLUO 1x32W

Product family