Product description

Light fixture with 1 light beam using monochromatic LED light source caracterized by warm colour temperature (3000K) together with a light-diffusing lens which optimize the optical performance of the beam and establish its width. Designed to create geometric lights of scenic effect, it has 1 narrow beam of 15°. Wall installation.

Different beams

Material: Composed by lighting cap unit and terminal board fixed together by means of locking dowels. Cap in die-cast EN AB-47100 aluminium. Terminal board in reinforced polymer. Watertight gasket in silicone rubber. Locking dowels used outside the fixture in AISI 316 stainless steel. PMMA lens siliconed flush with the cap to obtain the beam angle opening.
Clours: Grey White, Rust
Kelvin: 3000K or 4000K
Power: Effetto 1 fascio LED 4,5W, Effetto 2 fasci LED 9W, Effetto 4 fasci LED 18W

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