Product description

In essence, the Cuma is a simple fold of painted aluminum. When designing the Cuma, Roberto Paoli aimed to find a balance between materials, technology and form. To achieve this balance, he looked to pure geometry, drawing minimal straight- line shapes that join to create a space for the light.
Colour: polished white.

“This project is intended to achieve a healthy balance, understood as proportion in forms and a relationship between materials and technology. To design a form that is not in fact a form but substantially becomes a garment for light, I had recourse to pure geometry: two planes that meet in space, draw a line and nothing else”. Wall lamp available in the Led or halogen versions. Materials: Die-cast painted aluminium structure; injection-moulded thermoplastic diffuser.

LED 25W, dimmable

HALO max 1 x 230W (R7s) - ECO

Die-cast painted aluminium structure; injection moulded thermoplastic diffuser. Specification Available in the halogen version (Cuma 26) and in the Led version (Cuma 10 and Cuma 20).