The Pad (Poème de l’Angle Droit) concept has been extended with the arrival of Maxi Pad, a new version with larger dimensions and higher lighting performance. Maxi Pad houses an array of 24 high efficiency Leds (29W in total) placed on the aluminium body that acts as heat dissipator. Its bigger size (168x170x17mm) does not alter the characteristic properties: minimalist and compact design, less material, less energy, and higher performance. The smart hinge, that combines reduced dimensions with a very large angular excursion, provides extreme flexibility of rotation (rotation of up to 358°, tilt angle of up to 180°). The special, patented electrical system houses the power supply within the shell, and allows a direct connection to the electrical network. A translucent plastic shell closes off the body. It acts as a support for the various lenses, ensures protection for the electrical parts and provides a diffused lighting effect. 3 mounting options: with three-phase track adapter, with base plate for ceiling mounting, and in combination with the Algoritmo product line. Materials: aluminium body, translucent cover in polycarbonate.

24 Led x 1,2W (29W total)
warm white 3000K
neutral white 4000K

Luminous flux
warm white 1800lm
neutral white 2040lm

beam 2x5° / 2x10° / 2x20°

Led efficacy
warm white 62lm/W
neutral white 71lm/W
(The values refer to operation when components reach a stable temperature)

Efficiency 85%
CRI > 80
Expected Led life time 50.000h
with max 30% light output reduction

Complies with CEI EN 62471 and other specific standards