Product description

Different Beams, Dimmable/Undimmable

Material: Aluminium
Colours: White, Black
Kelvin: 3000K/4000K
Power: Caelum 90LED 28W, Caelum 90HIT 35W or 70W, Caelum120LED 35W. Caelum 120HIT 35W OR 70W.

Product family


Caelum is designed to provide a versatile lighting solution for the retail sector. It is a highly flexible, multi-functional system, with a high aesthetic and exceptionally high performance. Caelum is a modular lighting system with an open recessed profile channel, which integrates perfectly with the architectural design. It consists of 4 main elements: Trimless recessed structural modules in various lengths; channel apertures: 86 mm and 140 mm; Spotlight kits for accent lighting, using LED, HIT and 12V halogen lamps.