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Algoritmo is an innovative system allowing a new way of lighting through an integrated, dynamic dialogue with architecture.
Light becomes a constructive element and an open system, creating different perspectives and functional identities in the space. 5 lighting performances are included in a single extruded aluminium body: ambient lighting, directional lighting and accent lighting.
The versatility of this system allows the ability to create different lighting configurations without interruptions and discontinuities between floor, wall, ceiling and internal space. It is possible to create lines and corners of continuous light on the same plan or at a 90 degree angle.
Defined, thin lines are created by the two light sources, fluorescent (white light with different colour temperatures) and LED (dynamic RGB and white light). This makes Algoritmo the perfect architectural system for multiple spaces: home, office, hospitality, retail, museum.
Different installation options – surface recessed, surface mounted, suspended – allow an infinite choice of lighting solutions for every style of architecture.