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GREEN WALL® Qivasou Restaurant, Munich
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GREEN WALL®: Qivasou Restaurant, Munich

The oneness of nature, food, and well-being is reflected in Michael Schottenhammel’s restaurant. The 20 square meter large Grüne Wand® was integrated into the front wall for a change. Here, ferns and orchids grow. and Grüne Wand® also generates pleasant atmosphere in the room and absorbs odors.

The GREEN WALL® evolved as a result of the knowledge that plants in your home and at work have a beneficial effect on the body and the emotions. Plants are an element of nature, and they provide for a better room climate.

A healthy room climate is of key importance, especially at the workplace where we spend a large share of our time. The human organism responds to a lack of oxygen with reduced activity, poor concentration and tiredness. Plants may counteract this, since they convert CO2 into oxygen by means of photosynthesis. Due to its extensive cover consisting of small leaves, the green wall countervails the reduction of oxygen in the air and regulates the air humidity in the room naturally. In 2003 the GREEN WALL® was awarded the German innovation prize for its beneficial effect on human health.

The GREEN WALL® is beneficial in the following ways:

- Increases the air humidity in winter
- Cools the air by evaporation in summer
- Prevents electrostatic charge
- Reduces dust in the air
- Reduces contaminants by binding them to dust
- Reduces CO2 and produces oxygen

Apart from its health benefits, the GREEN WALL® is also an appealing eye catcher that can be used as a visual or acoustic partition wall. It affords unique creative possibilities, livens up rooms and is perceived by observers as something extraordinary. art aqua offers it as a mobile design object in the form of a wall.