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Shaal – Sofa 2 seats
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2-seater sofa configuration with an outer structure composed of a wraparound panel made of covered plywood. The outer panel and the cushions are upholstered with the same material: fabric, leather, coated fabric or customer’s own material; or the outer panel and the cushions are upholstered with different materials in specially designed combinations. The cushions have removable covers.

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Structured and soft like a basket of pillows, Shaal wraps around us in a welcoming embrace, inviting tactility and warmth into any space, from residential to contract. New for 2022, Shaal ex-pands Arper’s sofa offering, marrying exceptional comfort and flexible configuration. A support-ive shell cradles Shaal’s deep cushions, elevating the gracious form off the ground. Shaal’s dis-tinctive design is derived from its dualities: tailored yet plush, generous yet weightless, anchoring yet adaptable, sustainable yet luxurious. Create the hospitality of home, anywhere.

Shaal brings together the heightened comfort of residential furnishings with the adaptability of modular construction. The Shaal system comprises six core modules, each thoughtfully designed as a beautiful standalone object. Components can be combined to create traditional or custom configurations that expand and adapt to different spatial needs for home, office, or hospitality. An upholstered rigid panel creates a high back that cradles Shaal’s supremely plush cushions. Both panel and cushions allow for ultimate expressivity with endless combinations of materials including leather and bespoke textiles. The Shaal sofa is conceived with consideration for its entire lifestyle. Removable upholstery can be replaced to extend its life, and components and materials can be separated for recycling.