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3075 Palladiana Smeraldo
3075 Palladiana Smeraldo
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Arpa HPL-panels:
High Pressure Laminates (HPL) consist of layers of cellulose fiberfiber (usually Kraft paper) impregnated in thermosetting resins and bonded through the combined action of heat (= 130°C) and high pressure (= 7Mpa). The process takes place in multi-daylight presses and consists in the poly-condensation of the thermosetting resins, which yields a non porous, homogenous material with strong internal cohesion (= 1,35 g/cm3).

During the pressing process, metal plates impress a texture onto the laminate surface which, depending on the function and the desired scratch and wear resistance, ranges from high glossy to deeply structured. HPL is supplied as panels in a combination of sizes, thickness, décor and surface textures.

Standard formats:
2150 x 900 mm
2440 x 1220 mm
3050 x 1300 mm
3200 x 1600 mm
4200 x 1300 mm
4200 x 1600 mm
4300 x 1850 mm

Custom Made:
Cutting to size:
The panel sizes we can offer aren’t limited to our standard production formats. We can deliver panels cut to any size required for their application.
Our CNC routers allow the most complex of cuts and shapes, thus allowing us to deliver our customers panels ready for their final installation.