Product description

W: 18,5W
W: 23W
Lm: 2440Lm - 3250Lm
V: 220-240V
Hz: 50/60 Hz
DIM: Dali
CRI: >80
IP: IP20
Kg: 2,60kg
m3: 0,016m3
Position: Ceiling
Application: Suspended

Product family


We present the first light fitting that breaks away from the traditional rectangular shape of profiles. Its spirited angles, graceful refinement and bevels give the model Slimglot a unique and exclusive form. Its truncated pyramid geometry optimises light output and gives the fitting a minimalist look and compact size.
Slimglot has a unique diffuser: A sheet of refractive micro-textured methacrylate providing a singular optical effect of three-dimensional waves. This fitting demonstrates how the change from fluorescent tube to LED, considered from design stage, is capable of creating an authentic conceptual revolution.