Product description

25945039 P/W/N PROFILE 140 2X39W SUSP P/W/N 2X39W
25945054 P/W/N PROFILE 140 2X54W SUSP P/W/N 2X54W
25945080 LP/LW/LN PROFILE 140 2X80W SUSP P/W/N 2X80W
25945254 P/W/N PROFILE 140 4X54W SUSP P/W/N 4X54W


Made of aluminium extrusion and die cast end caps, the 140 profile program provides an additional value due to its high level of integration in projects, either in recessed, surface, or suspension versions. At the same time, it is possible to use several lamps depending on the applications for each project. Additionally, apart from the “standard” finish (anodised shiny silver) it includes other finishes, as matt white or matt black, upon request and availability, thus setting up the possibility of achieving a high esthetical value in installations where this is a significant issue. This range is structured in two different variables: ‘standard’ references linked to one unique code, and ‘customized’ references which allow you to compose profiles adapted to specific situations, combining different dimensions, kinds of chassis and lighting modules.