Product description

26014039 Z/W PROFILE 220 2X39W UP/DOWN SURFACE Z/W 2X39W
26014054 Z/W PROFILE 220 2X54W UP/DOWN SURFACE Z/W 2X54W


Complete profile program made of extruded and die cast aluminium and polycarbonate diffuser. The main characteristic is the varying scope of general lighting combinations that are available to be easily selected; only direct lighting, or direct and indirect, or both of them combining with halogen or different types of discharge lamps. This feature makes it ideal for direct general lighting applications, indirect lighting by reflecting on the ceiling or highlighting by means of spotlights. Its high quality shape, its finely designed proportions and visual comfort make it a huge versatile product to be integrated both in big projects and isolated applications. Available for suspended or surface assembly, whether direct to ceiling or side way to the wall. This range is made up by ‘standard’ references which are available upon a unique code number, and ‘customized’ ones. These last ones are only suitable for suspended version, which allow creating composed luminaires that can be adjusted up to specific situations by combining different lengths and different joints. In order to make easier for the customer to get a specific configuration, it is highly recommended to use the application available to be downloaded from our website ( or contact one of our commercial technicians.