Product description

W: Max 2x15W
V: 220V-240V
Hz: 50/60Hz
Up to 1.440Lm
IP: IP20
Kg: 2,6kg
m3: 0,0075m3
Position: Ceiling
Application: Recessed

Product family


Family of swivel downlights for one or more lamps, designed for Arkoslight by MOMODESIGN studio. They are made out of aluminium and covered with epoxi paint, ready for lamp formats Lark-111, QR-111 and CDM-R111.
It is made up of a system of recessing boxes to be placed on the ceiling by the installation of pre-frames. Thus, this trimless recessing system achieves a totally even downlight on ceiling, integrated in the room as a natural part of the building works.
It is an outstanding evolution of a very common product on market, originating from the vision of a well-known brand of international renown in design.