Product description

42200000 W/Z FOX DWL 2X18W+EQ.E. W/Z 2X18W
42200030 W/Z FOX DWL 2X18W+EQ.E.+LC W/Z 2X18W LAMP INCL.
42200040 W/Z FOX DWL 2X18W+EQ.E.+LF W/Z 2X18W LAMP INCL.
42210000 W/Z FOX DWL 2X26W+EQ.E. W/Z 2X26W
42210030 W/Z FOX DWL 2X26W+EQ.E.+LC W/Z 2X26W LAMP INCL.
42210040 W/Z FOX DWL 2X26W+EQ.E.+LF W/Z 2X26W LAMP INCL.


Downlight for two compact fluorescent lamps. It has a silver reflector, with a dazzling gloss finish. The opal diffuser is made of polycarbonate and its removal is made by a slight turning. This allows to easily carry out maintenance and replacement of lamps, with no tool at all. Fox has IP54 protection rating, against solid and liquid particles, as well as IK10, the maximum resistance rating against impacts.