Product description

Colour: w / z
Material: PC/PC-Matt

0,29 kg, 0,0021 m³


Fox LED is the round recessed ceiling light by Arkoslight with the smallest and most discrete bezel. The gracefulness of the frame brings it close to a ‘trimless effect’ when its lamp is switched on and enhances the minimalist aesthetic of its design. Its most outstanding technical features include a low recess depth, noteworthy light flow and remarkable efficiency. The design of its dissipator achieves excellent heat management while enabling Fox LED to achieve a high lumens value at very reduced power consumption. This luminaire is available in adjustable versions with Push, 1-10V and Dali protocols. It also boasts an IP54 protection level against the penetration of solid and liquid particles and an IK10 level (the highest level) of impact resistance. Furthermore, the Fox LED diffuser is manufactured with a high-performance diffuser agent that provides optimum light output equalisation. Hence, it offers perfect uniformity on every surface illuminated by the device in spite of the minimal distance between the diffuser and the LED light source within the luminaire.