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The most advanced ergonomic knowledge, the clever use of valuable materials and the creative talent of a unique designer are the basic ingredients of this incomparable chair, destined to become a landmark for future projects.

Technogel®: total comfort in seating
Armtronic®: advanced system for height adjustable armrests
Dynamic: a new concept in synchronized tilting
Dynatec: high-tech mesh for great comfort and freedom
Headrest: height adjustment system
Lumbar support ASPS– active support positioning system

The collaboration between Pininfarina, one of the most successful design schools in the world, and Ares Line, a firm with extensive expertise professional know-how in the planning and execution of furnishing solutions, has resulted in a new office seating product line, free from the influences of style and strongly innovative in its formal and technological aspects.

Xten® transmits emotion for the fortunate combination of design and ergonomic technology, offers a splendid example of Italian industrial design and celebrates the collaborative relationship between Ares Line and Pininfarina.

Xten® proposes itself into the market as a working tool, innovative both from the technological point of view and from the design.
The chair satisfies all the ergonomic and safety characteristics, especially, it meets the European EN 1335 standards and provides very high levels of comfort.
Excellent materials have been largely used and this has given the possibility of obtaining particularly stimulating elements of design, such as the innovative armrests with height adjustment, in strict conformity with the international standards.
From the technological point of view, the chair stands out for the following characteristics:

The mechanism has been studied in such a way as to provide the user the maximum comfort in a totally safe way and to ensure the possibility of finding the most suitable posture for one’s build and for the requirements of the moment.
The following movements are available:
Height adjustment of the seat (110 mm).
Depth adjustment of the seat (50 mm).
Synchronized oscillation movement between the seat and the backrest with a very advanced position of the hub (202 mm) and with a great rotation angle of the backrest (26°).
Possibility of 11 locking positions and anti-return safety device.
“Fine” adjustment of the oscillation intensity in order to ensure that the contraposition of the force is perfectly proportional to the weight of the user and to the driving force that is consequently applied to the backrest

The armrests synchronize with the backrest and have their own self-contained height adjustment of 70 mm, provided by an innovative patented system (Armtronic®) which uses a gas pump moved by a button placed under the front part of the right armrest.
This device allows the user to find the most suitable position for the requirements of the moment in an extremely easy but above all immediate way.
The great quality of such precision device provides a continuous and harmonious movement of the armrests and ensures that each locking position is absolutely stable and precise (without play).
The upper front part of the armrests is covered with a soft micro-cellular polyurethane pad for an even higher comfort.
The armrests are made with a single pressure die-cast aluminum and are available in the polished and anthracite varnished versions.

The seat has been studied to ensure the maximum carrying capacity together with the maximum comfort even after many hours of work. The chair, equipped also with a forward translation movement, has a nylon bearing structure reinforced with glass; into this, an upholstered pad is placed, whose upholstery is made in self-extinguishing foam polyurethane, injected together with gel (patented Technogel®).
Many studies have been published on the particular characteristics and the behaviour of gel when subject to the pressure of the human body. This material, in effect, has the characteristic of reacting to the force generated by the weight of the body, dissipating it in many directions and then reducing the contrasting upthrust, viceversa generated by other materials.
As a result, we obtain an important result in terms of comfort, that is to say a decrease of 60% of the maximum compression.

The backrest is made on a glass reinforced nylon structure, supported by a pressure die-cast aluminum back which seats also the movement mechanism of the armrests and of the lumbar support.
On the nylon structure, thanks to a special robotized gluing system that allows to avoid using screws, a modern net, made by a Swiss company specialized in fabrics for extreme sports, is attached. This perfectly combines the aestethic, technological and comfort requirements.
The net also allows a perfect transpiration and a good thermic comfort even in presence of humidity and high environmental temperatures.
Lumbar support
In order to obtain the maximum comfort from a lumbar support used on a net backrest, a new concept consisting of two points has been developed: differentiated reaction to the compression and active self-positioning.
The first is obtained through an innovative shape of the support which, instead of consisting of one polyurethane pad is made of two parts that press one against the other according to the pressure made by the user.
This device completely eliminates the unpleasant “intrusiveness” sensation of the lumbar support, generally present in net backrests.
The active self-positioning, indeed, has been obtained by giving the lumbar support the possibility of turning vertically and allowing it to follow any arrangement variation of the backrest and, in particular, to suit the user’s anatomy.
The height of lumbar support is clearly adjustable with a range of 11 cm.

The headrest is made with the same materials and the same technology used for the backrest.
It is possible to adjust it in 8 positions with a release system easy and handy to use.

Base and castors
The base is in die-cast aluminum and is available in the polished and anthracite varnished version.
The castors are self-braking with a double polyurethane track for hard floors or in nylon for soft floors.

Aesthetic notes
The back part of the backrest is available in four primary colors: anthracite, blue, red and grey. For large quantities, though, this characteristic element can be personilized in any color.
Also the net of the backrest, normally in color anthracite, can be supplied in special color.
The seat can be padded with any material, including leather.
As a final note, it is important to underline that the chair completely lacks of visible screws .