Product family


A brief instant, light as the flutter of a butterfly.... and PAPILLON unfolds, in all its elegance and convenience.
Just like a butterfly leaving its chrysalis to become beauty, weightlessness and joy of life.
PAPILLON not only entails important values in ergonomics and design, it also has a great content in practicality and flexibility of use.
So this product is one of its kind and for this, even more precious.
Just four simple moves and Papillon becomes “negligable”.

Manufacturing features

• The structure is made in various sizes of steel tubular. The seat closure is guaranteed by a hook and hinge system both in steel and 2 mm thick.
• The padding is in self-extinguishing polyurethane, cold foamed without CFC; average density 50 kg/m3.
• Armrests with arm support in polypropylene, upholstered or varnished solid beech.
• The writing top is in black polypropylene, the anti-panic movement is in polished diecast aluminium.
• The short alignment clip is in 5mm steel wire.
• The long alignment clip is in black painted steel sheet,1,5 mm. thick.
• The dual-wheel self braking castors are in reinforced nylon for soft floor or with polyurethane tread for hard floor. The shaped fixed glides are in reinforced nylon. The glides with suckers are in rubber with a galvanised steel pivot.