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Product description

Laevia combines ease of use and functionality with timeless attractive design.
Laevia with door in white Satin laminate, Orizzonte handle and Satin Titan finish worktops. Combined with 60 cm tall wall units, this kitchen features an extremely useful, made-to-measure lighting profile in stainless steel finish, while the island has an under-top Wine Rack.

Layout alternatives - Wall unit variants
Variante 1a: With protruding wall unit door 60 cm h with LED profile
Variante 1b: With protruding wall unit door 96 cm h with LED profile


Laevia from the Latin for smooth, flexible and user friendly: the perfect name for this new Arclinea product. Laevia is a kitchen with problemfree versatile design. Simple and rational, it meets the latest ergonomic criteria. It is perfect for layouts that are the tangible simple answer to the practical needs of a target wanting ease of use and aesthetics that reconcile refined finishes and materials, while respecting the environment. The Arclinea products are covered by a 5-year guarantee and feature excellent reliability, the highest quality and cutting-edge technology. Design prioritises ergonomics, functionality, ease of use and needs of the consumer. But that is not our only objective. Respect and protection of the environment are the Arclinea philosophy, brought to fruit through eco-friendly practices and the choice of ‘green’ materials. The unequivocal point of departure is that the first concrete gesture towards respect for the environment is to make products that last in time and that truly serve to improve man’s quality of life. For all these reasons, choosing Laevia has a significance that goes way beyond the simple purchase of a product.

Good value. Easy to care for. Resistant to stains, scratches, high temperatures. Safe and not readily flammable. With Satin by Arclinea, laminate has also achieved outstanding levels in terms of look and feel. Arclinea purchases laminate sheets from Europe’s leading manufacturers, to guarantee a wide high-quality range of products. In addition to the standard colour palette, with 33 HPLs and 4 Satin HPLs, with Arclinea you get maximum personalisation for your kitchen thanks to a selection of over 150 additional colours on request. For its doors, worktops, shelves and back panels, Arclinea applies laminate sheets to V100 water repellent poplar particle boards. Arclinea uses the “Ecological Panel” in 100% recycled regenerated wood. Besides its superior performance compared to other wood products, the ecological panel is sturdy, compact and non-deformable over time. The Ecological
Panel chosen by Arclinea is today the highest expression of Italian design applied to ecology and sustainability. Laevia is also available with door in the new finishes Decor Light and Decor Grey.