Product description

Size: 50" x 123.5". Thickness: 21mm. Finish: Unfinished, Finished or Lacquerable Foil. Veneers: Black, White. Construction: All embossed veneers are on an MDF core. Some patterns may only be available as embossed both sides, click on pattern for each variation and the corresponding Skus. Edge-banding is available including custom cut-to-size orders; Custom finishes can be specified for lacquerable foil veneer. Panel matching is available on select patterns. Matching flat panel veneers available. Five panel minimum. Wood and veneered products are warranted for performance within a range of environmental conditions as specified by the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI), and in accordance with approved industry standards for installation. Can contribute to LEED®

Product family


Embossed Wood - Geometrix™ Collection features new patterns and veneers inspired by the avant garde art movements. Cubism represents the best of the curated abstract patterns, each featuring a unique three-dimensional effect. Offered in white, black, silver and gray colorations, or unfinished with a choice of natural veneers, in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Blue Angel certification - the first worldwide environmental label - for no added urea-formaldehyde makes this a sustainable choice.