Product description

Beautiful weathering steel which evolves with the environment

Indaten® weathering steel evolves with its environment, changing and developing on a daily basis – always improving, always protecting.
• no painting or chemicals necessary to protect the material
• beautiful and ever-changing appearance
• natural protection against corrosion
• lower maintenance costs
• eco-friendly and 100% recyclable
• high longevity

Indaten® belongs to the same group of steel alloys as the well-known Cor-Ten steel (with ASTM international standards) and offers the same levels of performance.
As a maintenance-free material that can last for 80 years, Indaten® weathering steel has been the product of choice for buildings, bridges and sculptures since 1930 and has been used extensively on a range of fine architectural projects that have an on-going ‘visual dialogue’ with their environment, changing and improving as time goes by.

Indaten® can be made into flat cassettes or curved panels. It can be used for facades, steel structures, fences and barriers, bridges, architectural and sculptural objects as well as for interior applications. It is easily formable, can be perforated, embossed with patterns or given combinations of finishes.

Indaten® develops its patina following exposure to the atmosphere. The first oxide layer appears within a few weeks, with the final colour being achieved within one to two years. The finish can last, without maintenance, for at least 80 years.


Beautiful weathering steel which evolves with the environment