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20 x 20 cm

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The majority of the most prestigious fashion brands have created their lines for the home, such as Zara, Versace and Diesel.

Following this business model, in 2012, Ape launched the brand Home. This differential line has two lines of design: ceramics and bath furniture, the perfect fusion.

Home was intended to adopt a different vision in the world of ceramics and bath furniture. Its minimalist Scandinavian style succeeded in positioning it in the market as a designer brand.

Ceramics of the Home Collection are unique. This uniqueness makes them rich. Home amasses that wealth, conceded by its plurality.

Its uniqueness comes from being absolutely minimalist, a collection that goes beyond the size 20x20cm, presented entirely single-colour. Light and dark grey, snowy white, earthy colours, all of them neutral, designed to highlight a vast number of decorative items. Good tastes stand behind this decoration, which goes beyond the imaginations and even the same laws of combination.

The versatility of the Home decoration also shows its uniqueness. It is found in the same base tiles, in different reliefs, and also in the burst of shapes and shades. Mosaics, on net backing, with chequers, bricks, discontinuities, flower and ceramic motifs make for endless fusion possibilities of Home that go beyond what can be contained in a catalogue.

It has been designed to make elegant, sober kitchens derived from single colours, adapted to evolution. This evolution is determined by the proposal of porcelain in a 60x60 cm size, with a small relief being the only rupture element.

It has also been designed for baths to become sanctuaries of originality, to cope with any variety of imagination, to find an eclectic or organised setting, although with a novel style.

This collection searches for excellence. For this reason, it has developed shower trays that harmonise their colours with base tiles. This chromatic harmony, also available in shower screens and bath furniture, reveals another singularity of this collection.

Home is more than a Collection of ceramics. Home is the response to the designer that everyone carries within himself.

With regard to furniture, Home goes for simple timeless designs that can adapt to any bathroom.

Washbasins of many shapes and kinds, shower trays and screens are all some of the Home items, a collection that also includes furniture, shelves, accessories and towel rails.

The search for aesthetics, high-end technology, design and functionality combined with a unique ceramic are the differential strength of the Home collection.