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Serie T
Serie T
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More than just a heater; a piece of furniture that integrates into spaces with great personality but doesn't want to be the centre of attention. In terms of its main characteristics, this piece is basic, light and eclectic.
With only an aluminium profile you can create "warm" configurations: individual and combined shelves, object holders, towel rails etc for the bathroom, entrance, hall, kitchen and living room.
The first tailored radiator, made from extruded aluminium, with T-shaped section that gives the heater its name. This is available in various configurations, in both the vertical and horizontal versions.
In addition to the standard sizes - 150 cm and 200 cm, the element can be requested in the length most useful for the customer, from a minimum of 100 cm to a maximum of 250 cm, with a 1 cm step.
This allows maximum flexibility and makes the "T" a product that can become "stitched" in a tailored way upon the specific requirements of the customer. This allows the product to integrate perfectly into the space that surrounds it.
The aluminium section also provides excellent heat output with a very small water content, meeting the ever-increasing needs of homes with high heat efficiency.
The specific structure of the product makes it perfect not only for daytime environments but also a useful and efficient radiator for bathrooms and comfort areas where it can be used as a heated towel rail and bathrobe holder or to store towels.
The vertical version, in fact, can be fitted with individual whitened Italian walnut shelves and a hook to hold bathrobes.
This special hook can also be purchased separately and fitted after purchase. It is functional for drying and heating bathrobes and also allows the "T" to become a casing/ container with a clean, sophisticated design, giving bathrooms an extraordinary sense of order.

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The radiator which becomes a piece of design. Its semplicity, elegance and lightness makes him unique and inimitable.