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A basket for water made of natual light marble.

A wicker basket, a flower with a ringed corolla, a streamlined star that, thanks to a light breath, reveals an unexpected magic.

The work of man meets nature to give life to Intreccio, the freestanding washbasin entirely made of marble, which plays on the relationship between lightness and solidity of the material used, on the balance between a sophisticated piece and an apparently natural form. Intreccio represents the natural evolution of the path undertaken more than a year ago by antoniolupi and Paolo Ulian, to investigate the relationship between an ancient material and new processing techniques.

Iconic like the previous washbasins of the collection, dynamic, for the particular geometry of the concentric layers that are staggered when they are overlapped proceeding upwards, so as to determine a play of light and dark and full and empty obtained only by the variation of light on concave or convex shapes.

Technology and poetry

In fact, Intreccio is born from a block of marble on which the cuts have been optimized to obtain all the parts necessary to create a three-dimensional volume. The numerical control machining technologies have allowed to obtain curvilinear and thin shapes, light, almost as if they were of another material and not of marble.
With Intreccio, the research of antoniolupi further investigates a topic that is of saving resources and materials. A single block of marble is divided into 4 from which 4 washbasins are made. The rings that make up Intreccio are concentric because they have to be obtained one inside the other from the block of marble drastically reducing the waste produced by the cut.
Without forgetting lightness because weight has always been a significant factor in the production of marble products. Intreccio weighs "only" 55 kg. Lightness, technology that becomes an aesthetic expression and material savings summarize at best a project of great impact, an element which gives life to a composition of the elegant and contemporary bathroom.