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New generation material

Seamless integration, absolute continuity of matter, clean lines: the sinks integrated into the Flumood surface, the new material patented by antoniolupi ensures coordinated aesthetic and clean lines, matching well with different types of cabinets and furniture collections.

For years now antoniolupi invests in research, innovating and anticipating trends with avant-garde materials and styles. The first to propose, in 2001, sinks and shower trays in Corian; in 2003 stone items and in 2007 Cristalplant and Ceramilux.

Technological research and innovation has led to the introduction of Flumood. A new ecological, compact, non porous and non-toxic material, with an easy to clean surface. In the case of scratches or signs caused by everyday use, Flumood can be easily restored. A perfect material to be used in the bathroom.

Flumood is ecological, compact, non porous, uniform, non toxic and easy to clean with common domestic clearing products that can be restored if scratched or marked by everyday use. The study of colour and combinations has always been important for antoniolupi, Flumood is offered in white or embossed lacquered externally in all the colours of the Antoniolupi range.

The attractive appearance, resistance to everyday use and pleasant feel make Flumood perfect for surfaces, sinks and bathtubs. antoniolupi proposes, with this new material.