Exelen is a new bathroom furnishing system with an innovative concept that contaminates and combines function and pleasure, fire and water, compositional and spatial genres. It is an important and ambitious project that encompasses all elements of bathroom furnishing: washbasins, bathtubs and showers, horizontal and vertical cabinets, fireplaces, mirrors and glass. All these elements are blended, overlapped and flanked. They all speak the same shared language of their architectural origins and objectives.
The “tailored architecture” of the Exelen project is expressed through the intrinsic nature of its components which are formally coherent and coordinated, dialoguing with each other through “made-to-measure” interventions, with no need for masonry work or the addition of special furnishing elements. Exelen offers an innovative interpretation of classic bathroom components characterized by the highly original relationship between the various elements, the measurements and proportions, the compositions.
Exelen demonstrates how important it is for us to control the scale of the project, to understand and command it, also in terms of the industrial design. Similarly important is the control of the space and spatiality created. This is a design project born within the space of an architectural project. With regard to the formal view and design of the various components there is once again a contamination between the rigorous and essential lines (typical of the Buratti brothers’ designs), the soft shapes, the curved, connected volumes, and the sunken or supported elements.
The water ambient in the washbasins, bathtubs and showers is “warmed” by the bioethanol fireplace built into the thermoformed Corian tops, a theme inherited from the Antonio Lupi tradition.