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Asa Nisi Masa
Asa Nisi Masa
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Cristalmood and it’s ten trendy colors of the antoniolupi range that embellish the material, are the absolute protagonists of the collection of vases designed by Calvi Brambilla. Three different forms, three interpretations of the theme united by linguistic coherence, sophisticated and never ostentatious elegance, a balance between geometries, thicknesses and shapes that give life to a harmonious and "natural" whole. Asa, Nisi and Masa. Three names that immediately refer to the history of cinema in our country, a sort of nursery rhyme recalled by Fellini in the masterpiece, 8 ½, and repeated in the film by the children who transform it into an almost magical ritual. The three proposals of the collection are inspired by the carefree nature of those moments, to the memory of known objects, protagonists of a domestic life regulated by rhythms very distant from current ones and organized around essential forms, friendly images with which to build the sense of belonging, like "feeling at home". The cylindrical shape is the common thread that unites the three proposals. In the ASA series the cylinder of different heights and diameters is tapered at the top so as to define an edge, an upper crown that lightens the image and invites the eye to converge towards the contents of the vase. In the NISI series it integrates with the shape of the cone without interruption to open and accommodate a splendid bouquet of flowers. Finally in the MASA series a deep cut, a clear mark separates but at the same time unites the two halves of the volume that develops in height, reaching different heights, giving the vase an unusual appearance.