Product description

table lamp
11 white lampshades
ø 80x260 mm
polypropylene.natural aluminium.anodised
1 x 15 W max. transparent E14

Product variants


the design of the floor lamp entitled milk by patrick knoch is equally simple and ingenious as that of his small lamp polycolor: a spotlight at the end of a matt acrylic glass column shines onto the white varnished area at the other end of the column: from the outside it looks as though the column is illuminated from two sides and two light sources rather than just one. the matt acrylic glass almost makes it seem immaterial, giving it the look of fabric.
whereas comparable light columns give out a diffuse and rather uninviting light, the great advantage of milk is its ability to create good reading light and a pleasant illuminated environment.


the organisers of the milan furniture fair give young designers the opportunity to exhibit their product ideas to a large audience and potential manufacturers in the context of the satellite salon.
in 2001, the swiss designer patrick knoch presented his spectacular idea of lamps containing eleven lampshades, which anthologie quartett brought onto the market in the following autumn under the name of polycolor.
two red, two blue, two green and five yellow lampshades can be freely combined, providing countless different colour variations and light moods.
those who favour less colour and playfulness may prefer to choose the alternative duocolor lamp with ten white lampshades and one coloured one (in either red, blue, green or yellow), or alternatively choose the third option from this product family - monocolor. this lamp, containing only white lampshades, especially demonstrates knoch's idea of reducing a light to a pile of lampshades.