Product description

Lighting technology HIT/G8.5
for three-circuit track or surface mounting
tilting and turning
Connection data: electronic ballast, 220-240V, 20(24)W, 35(42)W, 50(56)W, 70(80)W
Weight 1.6 kg


The spotlight TAKE embodies modern, sophisticated design and brilliant light quality. Innovative convex facetted reflector technology provides TAKE with very high operational efficiencies and produced brilliant, non-glare presentation light. This is successful even at low wattages starting from 20 watts - a convincing sign of high energy efficiency. The horizontal arrangement of the ballast housing and the lighting head makes the spotlight, with its very low mounting height, appear compact and, at the same time, light. Not least, TAKE impresses with its ease of maintenance and user-friendliness.