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Gaitanos 7 12x12
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Product description

Gaitanos 7 in off white and dark stain
4 5/8" x 4 5/8" / 12 x 12 cm

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Tiempo takes its aesthetic cue from traditional patterns found in France and Spain. Designs are handpainted onto rustic terra cotta tiles that have been distressed. Imperfections are evident, which lends the tiles the rich look of centuries-old terra cotta.

Suitable for all indoor vertical applications and light use flooring. Install per industry standards for ceramic tile and clean with mild cleanser and damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

- beautiful handpainted designs can be customized by combining colors from the palette
- tiles are rustic and may show imperfection on the surface
- overall patterns can be mixed with plain field tile
- additional designs available

Fields : 2x2x5/8, 4 5/8x4 5/8
Decorative Field : 4 5/8x4 5/8 La Spezia, Margreb, Mediterranean, Tiempo de Gitanos and TW2 6x6x5/8 small arabesque
Trim : 1x4 quarter round , 2x8 liner

Colors: antique green, aqua, banana, charcoal, colonial blue, coral, dark stain, eilat, extra virgin, gray, green tea, honey, ochre, off-white, latte, mocha, negev, paprika, robins egg, royal blue, saffron, turquoise, vanilla and zhaatar