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System W with gliders
System W
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Curtains/Blind systems-Venetian blinds >
Curtains/Blind syst...-Room divider systems >

Product description

All System W’s can be equipped with gliders, enabling them to be slid horizontally in trackrails from the Ann Idstein Panel System. Trackrails are sold separately and are available in white or anodized aluminium. They can be fitted to a ceiling or wall.

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W stands for wire. The screening element (called fond) of this system is fitted between two vertically suspended steel wires. System W was created by Swiss designer Christophe Marchand, who set out to create a system that could always be adjusted vertically but also horizontally when needed. At the same time, the ambition was to create a system that leaves its user with a clear feeling of lightness and spaciousness. One important criteria in that quest, was that the system should “hover freely”, meaning that the fond should hang wherever desired with open space both above and below the fabric.

Due to its flexible design, System W can be used both as a sun screen and as a room divider. The system is highly suitable for the use in larger open spaces where one wishes to divide areas without building walls. It can also be used as a playful aesthetical element.

System W consists of a number of customized aluminium parts. The head rail is an anodized aluminium profile which houses the locking mechanisms. From it, stainless steel wires are suspended, functioning as a side guide for the textile elements (called fonds) that are adjusted up and down by cord controls. The fonds are fixated with horizontal aluminium profiles placed at the top and bottom of each individual fond. The aluminium profiles holding the fond are called fond strips and can be visible or hidden inside a hem. At the very bottom of the steel wires, a variety of weights are available.