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GIO PONTI Labirinto red
GIO PONTI Labirinto
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Product description

120.000 knots/sqm pile

100% Tibetan Wool (hand spun wool hand carded)


hand knotted


the carpets are hand washed, clipped and carved.
The fringes are revolved on the backside and covered with cloth

Stock size
200x300cm, 250x300cm

Lead time for custom sizes
3-4 months

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The symmetry of the pattern and and the contrasts between the backgrounds and the drawing bestow depth to the carpet Labirinto, designed by Gio Ponti. An intriguing three-dimensional pattern originally designed by Gio Ponti to recreate a contemporary, yet classical, diamonds texture. All the Gio Ponti carpets are a collection both elegant and refined, with contemporary rugs that play on sometimes lighter or more pronounced features, on blurred contrasts or hints of very bright colors, and on simple geometries that convey a sense of three-dimensionality and depth to the carpet.

Playful freshness and lively colours sign the collection of the great designer, master of composition and decoration.
The great harmony and sense of measure, born from the balance between design, shapes and colors are the hallmarks of the furnishing complements from the Gio Ponti collection. Tibetan wool and natural silk masterpieces that regale homes with the sober elegance imbued by the Milanese master into virtually all aspects of his twentieth-century projects. Decorations whose aura of timeless classics hark back to the many de ning moments of Ponti’s extraordinary artistic development. These include the “Labirinto” pattern, or the essential geometrically shaped patterns, and finally, another Ponti trademark are the free form, delicately woody, oral sprays known as “brushstrokes” which often decorated his letters. The still ongoing exchange with the Studio Ponti was the natural step of a process undertaken by those who believe in a project and are determined to go all the way, a natural choice coming from a company whose goal is to undermine lazy clichés and grapple with di cult challenges. And Ferid Amini does not hide his desire to approach some fragments of Ponti’s oeuvre, showing his extraordinary design skills, with the humbleness of the scholar, but also with the entrepreneur’s ambition to reinterpret them through unique carpets with inimitable designs.

Masters. While different with regard to generation, training, experience, and legacy, what unites them is a self-same project: a kind of unfettered, personal quest, indeed, a search for the discovery and development of a dynamic and multifaceted modernity. Masters without limiting their investigation, they have dabbled with all kinds of artistic and technical forms - painting, architecture, design, applied arts, publishing, film and photography. If Gio Ponti, still a 19th century man, was bent on outdoing himself with each passing decade in an all-consuming, playful and eye-catching display of genius, Joe Colombo, whom Ponti held in especially high esteem, was rather a personality who lacked any abiding connection with the past and that’s what makes his artistic visions so prophetic. True blue Milanesi like Ponti and Colombo are o set by small-town artists Ico Parisi and Manlio Rho, with ties to the rationalist movement in Como headed by Giuseppe Terragni. And yet their paths are well marked out, and highly original at that. Whereas Rho conceptualizes his own version of geometric abstraction embellishing it with nature’s colors, Parisi experiments with every aspect of the furnishing project seeking the key to integration with the world of the arts. Amini adopts today these Masters’ great legacy, presenting it with uttermost faithfulness to the originals in a ne collection of carpets.